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Haiwan Peliharaan Kanak-Kanak : Children's Pet (18th Jan 2011)


Children Pet
Young people need a hobby or pastime. Not only will an interesting hobby keep children entertained, but many hobbies provide an educational experience as well. In this day and age of video games and computers, parents should encourage their children to spend time with other educational and challenging interests that can also build positive morale and outlook. Some hobbies that begin when a person is young, may even develop into a lifelong interest such as keeping a pet.

Pets are domestic or tamed animals kept for companionship or merely for the beauty of the animals. Having pets at home is one of the most common hobbies that people all over the world share. Children raised with pets show many benefits. It is also a recommended hobby for children as it teaches them responsibility and how to care for animals and also help children develop social skills.

While dogs and cats are the most popular households pets all over the world die to their loyal or playful characteristics and attractive appearance, other popular pets include rabbit, hamster of fish. Today, pets like spiders, pythons, and other exotic animals are also becoming widely known amongst animal enthusiasts.

While all kinds of pets can bring cheer and joy to children, it is important to choose a pet that is right for your family your home, and your lifestyle; and one that your children can help care for. A goldfish in an aquarium will be ideal for even the smallest of spaces. However, for having a big dog, you will need quite a lot of space. Also be prepared for a long term commitment of caring for pets such as dogs, cats or rabbits that can live up to ten years. Pet keeping not only involves caring for the animals but also includes the costs of feeding and medical bills that may be unavoidable to ensure the pet is in the best of health. Pets can serve different proposes for children and can be one of the most rewarding of all hobbies. On the other hand, the most common reasons for not owning a pet are lack of time, lack of suitable housing, and lack o ability to care for the pet when travelling. Therefore, proper planning is necessary to help make pet ownership a positive experience for everyone and create fond memories that last a lifetime.

Children Pet

Rabbits have always been popular as pets especially among children. They never fail to amise the little ones with their cute and cuddil looks and behavior. However, animals such as rabbits that you keep in cages need a little more attention. Since they are kept in enclosures, it would be more considerate if they are allowed room to move freely. Rabbits should never be kept in small pen or cage for a long period of time. Their enclosure should be big enough so that your rabbit can easily hop and run about and hide when it wants to. Animals kept at home should be provided with a sense of being in the natural habitats. This way, they feel free and they live happily.

Another important aspect is that rabbits are physically too delicate to be handled roughly. Rabbits take some time to get used to their surroundings and new companions. When these creatures feel frightened, they become defensive by exhibiting behaviors of biting, scratching, or running away. Therefore it is important to help children understand how to care for rabbits and understand its needs and requirements. Rabbits are also prone to few diseases that may be difficult to treat. Although rabbits requires less grooming than dogs and cats, proper diet and hygiene of their feeding and bedding area will ensure a healthy and happy rabbit.


Aloof as they may seem, cats area actually playful but well-mannered creatures. Cats like to be pampered by humans. Cats show their affection to their owners not only through purring, but also by pawing your arm, leg, or elsewhere on your body. They like to have “communication” with humans. Spent time playing and interacting with your cat. Cats are also avid spectators. They love to see what is going on around the,. They do this by jumping to high places like the sofa, cabinet, or table to keep a watchful eye on you and what you are doing.


Dogs are known as man’s best friend due to their loyalty to the owner. Dogs are lovable, fun, and playful. They love all outdoor exercises especially playing “fetch”. There are a wide variety of breeds with different advantages and disadvantages. However, the correct breed of dog depends on the kind of space of your home. The smaller breeds are ideal if you live in a small apartment of house. Whenever you take out your dog out for a walk, make sure you put it on a leash as they are playful animals and love to jump and mingle with other animals and also chase things. So avoid any bad circumstances it is always better to play it safe. Pet dogs should be kept in a secured area and never be left out on their own.